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Follow a map, make a memory . . .

Here you’ll find articles that may include some scenery or vintage trailer pictures that have actually been taken “on the road” while camping along the way with one of our own vintage trailers.

Others may be from published historical vintage journals, diaries or newspapers.

  • Vintage Trailer Rally 2015 Sampling

    Robert & Teena’s 1959 Oasis Whether small, medium or large in size, there’s a multitude of rallies to choose from throughout the year. Small means really close up and personal with like trailerites; medium means significant networking with like interests filled with a sprinkling of newcomers and general public; and large is usually defined in terms of being more of

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  • Being a Camp Comfyite and a Trailerite!

    Camp Comfort * April 16 – 19, 2015 How can you be a comfyite and a trailerite? Simple, bring your vintage trailer, fun-loving self and attend the Ojai mini-group at Camp Comfort in Ojai, California which only accommodates 14 trailers with the fifteenth site being taken by the resident camp host. You must come prepared to howl with laughter, feelings

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  • Daytona 2012

    Daytona Trip 2012

    In October 2012, after traveling 6,500 miles and using 905 gallons of premium gas, we made it home with our 1938 REO truck, 1950 Westcraft Pullman trailer and 1917 King canoe without breaking down in either direction. Chuck often drives the modified REO around town but the thought of driving it and the trailer cross country and back was a little intimidating at first. We packed spare parts and built in extra-time traveling in both directions in case we needed to make repairs (hurrah, we had no real problems with the truck or trailer). The only time we had to hold our breath was during a heavy dust storm near the border of Texas and New Mexico on the way back home.

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