Roadtrippin’ in Lone Pine to the Silver Spur Mine 2016

Roadtrippin’ in Lone Pine to the Silver Spur Mine 2016
January 16, 2017 Toni Miltenberger

This roadtrip is dedicated to vintage trailerites, Andy & Judy Bennett. The Silver Spur Mine and many other mines in the area were once claimed/owned by Andy’s grandmother. We thank Andy for sharing this special location and its history, upclose and personal, with our vintage trailer group.
IMG_6364 Andy & Judy

Lone Pine is one of our favorite places to camp while in the eastern Sierras. There are so many short trips in the surrounding area which can be traveled by car or 4WD. We set out by ourselves on Thursday morning with no agenda. The ride was so colorful and beautiful. We so wanted to go to the train station; but it is a private home, and we did not want to disturb the residents (no trespassing signs) — we just snapped a quick picture and drove on . . .

IMG_6283   IMG_6291

IMG_6295   IMG_6292

IMG_6284   IMG_6290

IMG_6296   IMG_6289
You could see remnants of the old railroad tracks near the road . . .
IMG_6288   IMG_6298

IMG_6299   IMG_6300

Chuck noticed a clump of trees off in the distance. We decided to investigate.IMG_6301   IMG_6302

IMG_6303   IMG_6331

IMG_6329   IMG_6328

IMG_6327   IMG_6326

IMG_6325   IMG_6324

IMG_6323   IMG_6322

IMG_6332   IMG_6333

IMG_6313   IMG_6314
We were later told this is most likely where the mine stored their dynamite . . .
IMG_6315   IMG_6316

IMG_6318   IMG_6321

IMG_6304   IMG_6305

IMG_6306   IMG_6308

IMG_6309   IMG_6311

IMG_6312   DSC01958
On Saturday, our group of trailerites were in for a treat provided by Andy & Judy as we
caravanned to their family’s old mining claim where an old cabin once stood —
which BLM sadly forced them to remove a few years back. We were surprised and
delighted that it was the same place we had visited on Thursday — now we had an
opportunity to learn the history of the Silver Spur Mine Claim.
DSC01935   DSC01938

 DSC01955   DSC01940

DSC01953   DSC01957

IMG_6369   IMG_6365

DSC01942   DSC01951

IMG_6366   IMG_6371
There is life to be discovered in the desert! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a horned toad . . .

We love cacti and here are a couple examples:
 IMG_6317   IMG_6319

DSC01944   DSC01949
Some “potty” humor . . .

DSC01945   IMG_6330
Judy tries to redirect our attention to other scenery . . .

IMG_6360 - Version 2
This is a photo from Andy’s archives 1981. Thank you, Andy for making this roadtrip to the
Silver Spur Mine so memorable.
We left to return to our campsite at the Boulder Creek campground taking a quick jaunt
through the Alabama Hills — a favorite short drive where they filmed early western motion
pictures, altho’ we did not stop at the places with the famed popular rock formations. You’ll need to
take that drive yourself to see nature’s amazing creativity.
IMG_6342   IMG_6340

IMG_6338   IMG_6345

IMG_6335   IMG_6334




The Bennetts Aljoa back at camp . . .





Aw! home sweet home . . .when we’re on the road . . .