Historical News Items

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Historical News Items

Here you’ll discover excerpts from old book and magazine articles, pictures, and ads for the purpose of understanding the values and history of the folks that were pioneers in the fields of trailer manufacturing and design.

View and think of it as an educational element; these trailers were not vintage when they were originally built . . .

  • Vintage Wonderland

    Vintage Wonderland

    Trailerites love to tell “war” stores about how we acquired our rigs. Like the ’53 Airfloat that we pulled out of the sand in the California Desert, the ’47 Westcraft that was filled with engine blocks and dead mice, of the ’37 Hayes that was used as a chicken coop for the last four decades. Read the Full Article 

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  • 1937 Fortune Magazine

    1937 Fortune Magazine

    With so many different kinds of trailers on the market, it is obviously impossible to say anything about one trailer that would be true about all, except that a trailer is a more or less habitable flat mounted on two, three, or four wheels. No flat rule can be laid down as to price and quality. Cabin length is another shifting factor, the range running from fourteen to twenty-five feet. Generally speaking, the industry hasn’t yet stabilized at a point were an intelligible correlation between price and quality can be drawn. Some low-priced jobs, for example, are better buys than more expensive ones for the simple reason that more attention has been paid to the structure than the fittings.

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