Past Galloping Bungalows Curiosity Continues Today

Past Galloping Bungalows Curiosity Continues Today
March 15, 2018 Toni Miltenberger

Many trailerites, like ourselves, take pride and enjoyment displaying and sharing our vintage trailers at events and rallies or while just camping with friends. Many of us have hobbies and collections representing vintage trailer memorabilia that we also share on certain occasions. Here’s an excerpt from the trailer book, Galloping Bungalows, discussing the early interest in trailers (before they were vintage) “walking through them and marveling at their compactness, their neatness, their toylike quality”:

Arthur Sherman and his family noticed this every time they took their first, primitive Covered Wagon out on the road in 1929. Even when they were all inside their trailer, eating dinner or bedding down for a cozy night’s sleep, strangers would come up and peer in the windows, or knock shyly on the door and ask to see inside. Sherman labels these folk “trailer tappers.” It was the trailer tappers — a constant stream of them, everywhere they went — that made Sherman decide to try marketing his little camper.

Science editor, Edwin Teale noticed these legions of curiosity seekers in the Washington, D.C. municipal camp when he parked there briefly in the fall of 1936:

Each afternoon, scores of visitors drove up and down the streets of the trailer park, looking over the different outfits and asking questions about prices and equipment. Trailer travelers, we found, are friendly folk, glad to help a fellow enthusiast.*

And that about sums up the vintage trailerite crowd and spectators of today in 2018 . . .

Smiles & happy trailering,

*Thornburg, David A., Galluping Bungalows, The Shoe String Press, U.S.A., 1991, page 81.